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Checklist to Choosing Your Event Venue

Part of the reasons event planners find it so tough to secure the event venue that is right is simply because they are not aware of the right questions to ask. For optimum results, follow the below checklist.

Who is your target audience and what’s the guest list size?

Before coming up with a short-list of event venues to look at know how many will be able to attend from the people which you will invite. You’ll need to be sure that your venue is suitable for the audience and can accommodate your guest list.

Use a hotel partition or a decorative partition, if your event venue is too large for your event to recreate the space size.

If Your event is by invitation only, ask that your attendees RSVP by clearly printing on their invitation you should bear in mind that lots of people do not respond so that you might need to follow up with a telephone call. RSVP is a French acronym which implies ‘please respond’.

Know about how to cater to your target audience

Understanding the demographics of your audience is very Important to the selection of your event venue. As an example, know what they’re accustomed to, their normal income, what their likes or dislikes are etc. Your site should reflect their tastes and requirements, if your crowd is a group of CEOs.

What’s suitable for your guests?

Choosing an event venue location in close proximity to your guests’ homes or work regularly is a reflection about the amount of people anticipated to attend. Something to consider is transportation and alcohol intake. You do not want your visitors to drink and drive so it’s wise to offer transportation choices available upon completion of the event so that each one of them get home safely or guarantee taxis available when they leave the venue.


Keep your eyes on the weather and adapt your needs accordingly. As an instance, if it’s supposed to rain and you’re the one organizing the event have umbrellas or tents meant for an outdoor event.

Venue experience and expertise

Ask from them a list of events that they have planned, before you choose to employ a place for the event, ask to view images of these events so you can observe the wide variety of design options, and ask for references. You may want to speak to some of the employees as well to ascertain what expertise they have and how friendly and accommodating they are. If necessary, discover the ratio of servers to guests, in addition to what they’ll wear throughout your event, and whether or not they could or will operate over-time.

You need to know what the occasion venue will help you With and what you have to get ready for, that’s tear-down, setup or decorating. The more behind-the-scenes logistics you have, the better.

Try walking around outside the venue and check for possible noise problems, is decorating demanded past the venue, potential dangers and parking or drop-off for limousines, buses, or taxis.

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