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Giving Light to the Value of a Notary Through Real Estate Buying and Selling Endeavors

In general, all agreed statements should be put in writing to make it legal. Additionally, all crucial components ought to be provided with it such the assertion of the deal, time and date of the agreement, and the names of the involved parties with signatures. However, even when the document has all the elements mentioned, it would not be strong enough when it is not signed and notarized by an appropriate legal professional.

Apparently, notarization addresses many legal matters. This is important in making legal terms, verifications, and several other items. So we can somehow comprehend that value of a notary and notarization, may we talk about the real estate transactions.

Firstly, real estate transactions need the agreement of two parties. The buyer and seller would specifically look at things such as the total value, cash buying or through a loan financing, who would take the part of taxes, and many others. When all are agreed, these will be put into writing called the contract to sell. This is in fact an agreement that binds both the seller and the purchaser as long as the two parties adhere to the cotract. Each signature need to be affixed in addition to the signature of the witnesses. Now, the remaining element in this aspect of this deal would be the notarization. When there is no notarization in the contract to sell, this can be regarded as weak proof of purchase or agreement, or sometimes even not acknowledged in court. This indicates that if any group would not stick to the agreement, he or she may be freed from lawful implications. Needless to say, you can get a lawyer and try to prove this issue, but less likely that you will win the case.

Producing a deed of absolute sale (DOAS) could be the second major step in this type of real estate transaction. This can be the final agreement stating that the property is already bought and the rightful owner is now the buyer. Typically, the seller can never say any longer that the real estate property belongs him or her the moment that notarization is done. In contrast, when there is no available notarization on the document, the court may still consider the seller as the rightful owner and it would be very difficult to prove otherwise.

As stated, buying and selling a property is just one endeavor that needs the services of a notary. Other dealings should have it as well and if you want legality of your documents, be sure to seek a notary public. You may try notary services found online to assist you with this endeavor.

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