How to find No Fees Tickets

There is nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect tickets to a concert or show only to find out that the ticket fees exceed the actual cost of the tickets. It’s becoming uniform by all major ticket vendors to charge high costs for ticket delivery and convenience fees. Tickets that seem like a great deal are usually just listed in such a way that will attract the seller to purchase the tickets but will still incorporate lots of fees in the end.

Finding Tickets Without Fees

To find No fees tickets simply search for those words plus the name of the concert or show you are interested in seeing. This should pull up sites most likely to have tickets for sale without fees attached. If there are fees, they will likely be lower than major box offices.

The Catch

The catch with tickets that are priced low is that they have fees attached when it comes time to check out. So, a ticket that is greatly discounted can sometimes cost more than a ticket that is initially listed higher on a site that has tickets without fees.

Shop Around

Before settling for the first tickets you find, try running a few alternate searches. Try key words such as, “tickets without fees,” “no fees tickets.” This will be the fastest way to find tickets without fees at the best price. To make sure the best deal is being found, compare the final prices at checkout to see which option will end up being cheaper. You might be surprised to find that the best initial price will actually be quite pricey in the end!

Think Outside the Box Office

People don’t need to be scared away when tickets are not sold through a box office. Just because tickets are being sold through a resale marketplace, doesn’t mean there is reason to be skeptical. If the ticket vendor is accredited through the BBB, the ticket purchase will be protected and safe from fraud. Finding discount codes for major box offices is nearly impossible. Many resale marketplaces have discounts codes available for use. This makes it even more attractive to purchase from a ticket site without fees. e